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Tiara is 17 years old and known to be the youngest guardian in the Universe. She was born and raised on Earth in the Heaven Realm with her older sister Rika, Mother Lady Elaine, Father Sir John, and older Brothers Marik and Nisho. She's a shy girl the moment of introduction but once she gets talking there is no shutting this young vessel of information up. As much as she loves to slack off on her daily lessons she loves to learn about new things that interest her. She could be a bit boyish at times looking for insects in the palace garden or climbing up trees. She can be inappropriate with the things she brings up in conversations and she doesn't seem to have an off button when it comes to speaking her mind. She could be brash and thoughtless at times but completely sensitive once she gets the point she has said something offensive. In the end she means well and doesn't aim to hurt and she thrives for the friendship of others. She wishes to have a love like in the story books she collects from the Earth Realm, and to be a great and powerful Guardian like her great ancestors.

Tiara enjoys sweets, animals, Earth realm mythology, sleeping, comic books and romance novels from earth realm. She says she hates bugs although she likes looking for them; she dislikes the dark, studying/ tutoring, being treated like a child, and being left alone for long periods of time.

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Elgor is an Alien to Earth; born on the planet Hudran Raised by his Cacatriain Mother and Hudragin Father. He has identical twin named Maxx whose whereabouts are unknown, and a younger sister that is estimated to be around Tiara's age. Elgor's exact age is never clearly determent because on Earth he would be considered in his mid 20s and on his home planet Hudran he is older than Tiara's Great Grandmother. Elgor grow up on a farm and like his father's before him he wishes to be a farmer as well. Unfortunately before he could get back to his life after the Great War he was marked as a Protector and now watches over Tiara on Earth. He takes his rule as Tiara's Protector seriously and would never let personal matters interfere with his duties.

Elgor enjoys reading and keeping to himself. Likes to spent is time walking about the gardens found on the Eden palace grounds. He likes to flirt with women and it usually gets him in trouble. He dislikes sweets and people that dislike Hudragins. While he seems like a cold hearted man at times he has a soft spot for young children and old ladies and wishes to have a family of his own someday.

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